SELSD High School Counselor

Mrs. Wilson


Phone: 814-662-2741 ext.6516

Hello, my name is Evet Wilson, and I am honored to your High School Counselor. I hold a Master’s of Education in School Counseling from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and I have six years of counseling experience working in both addictions and clinical mental health counseling. I also have worked in two of the school districts within the county as a school based therapist. My passion for the field is to help, and I look forward to serving the Salisbury Elk Lick School District and community to the best of my ability. I believe every student has an ability and opportunity for success and with a little compassion, kindness and hard work we can discover that formula for success together. I am a firm believer that every student is unique and deserves the chance to see their fullest potentials. Next, if you know me, school pride is one of my passions. I love seeing the students become involved and take ownership in making memories, building relationships, and showing school spirit. I have many ideas for school spirit/student voice and I cannot wait to share them with you all and the SELSD students. Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you and please know that again I am thrilled and honored to service and support your students and their needs. Please contact me if you have question, would just like to say hello, or if you/your student(s) need(s) support with social, emotional, behavioral, or academic concerns. I am here to help!