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community service

Salisbury Elk-Lick High School Community Service Requirement

The Salisbury – Elk Lick School District places a large value on contributing to the surrounding community. Community service helps not only to improve the livelihood of others, but it also contributes to each students’ sense of belonging and pride in accomplishment. It also establishes an understanding of where our areas of need are, which in turn, may give students an idea of where to look to help as they exit the school system and start careers and families in our community. Starting with the class of 2024, all students will be required to provide a number of community service hours to qualify for high school graduation. The requirements are listed below:

 Class of 2025 – 50 Hours

 Class of 2026 and after – 80 Hours

Students that do not complete their required number of hours before the end of their final year at Salisbury – Elk Lick High School will not be eligible for graduation. In this case, the student will be required to finish his/her community service hours before receiving a diploma.

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