Other Resources

Smart Pass

The new digital hall pass. Click here for more info on Smart Pass.


An app that will allow you ro send any PDF document to a student or class, who then can add text (e.g. answer questions), and send it back to you.  Intergrated with Google Classroom so that you can quickly see who did the work and who didn't.



Free K-12 lessons for teachers to assign students. A variety of topics. To access, you must sign up for a free account using your school email address.


Khan Academy

Videos and practice for a variety of topics/classes. Specializes in math, but there is material for many subjects.



Has lessons that teachers can assign students. These lessons can be integrated into Google Classroom or Canvas.



Online library, free to educators. Each child has their own account, and it logs their reading progress. There are short videos to watch and short comprehension tests on some books as well. 


Khan Academy Kids

Fun educational app for young elementary students


Vocabulary Spelling City

Games and activities to teach and review spelling and vocab words. Does require a subscription for the full version, but a free version/trail is available. There is also an option for writing work. 



Quiz game for students to compete with one another.  You create or use a pre-made quiz, students join and then race to answer quickly and correctly to get points and win the game. 


Read Theory

Offers personalized reading comprehension exercises for K-12 and ESL students. This free program begins with a pre-test that establishes the student's reading level. From there, each exercise is on their reading level and either moves up or down levels according to the student's performance.


Read Works

Material to improve K-12 reading comprehension.  Includes online classes, printable content, and can be projected onto white board for class discussion.