Student Assistance Program



This voluntary program is available to offer supportive services to students experiencing academic, behavioral, and/or emotional difficulties that may pose barriers to school success. Students can be referred to the SAP by parents/guardians, school personal, peers, or self-referrals. The SAP team is comprised of specially trained teachers, administrators, school counselors, and a mental health and or drug and alcohol consultant.

Our goal is to work with you and to offer support and recommendations for your son/daughter. Where barriers are beyond the scope of the school, the team can provide information so families may access community resources. YOU are a vital part of the team and the SAP team values the importance of parent/guardian involvement in the process. A team member is ready to talk with you about the referral and obtain information about your child. With your permission, our Student Assistance Team will initiate the SAP process which includes meeting with your son or daughter.

SAP Team Members

Mr. Joseph Renzi Superintendent/Elementary Principal

Mr. Jason Collier High School Principal

Miss Jacqui Palmer High School Counselor

Mrs. Melissa Easton Elementary School Counselor

Mr. Jim Broderick School Police Officer

Mrs. Kimberly Raygor High School English Teacher

Mrs. Lori Sines Music Director

Mr. Anthony DiPasquale Health & PE Teacher/Driver Education

Mrs. Kimberly Miller 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Kristine Ream Home Economics Teacher

Mrs. Breann Codispoti Learning Support Teacher

Mrs. Hannah Short Learning Support Teacher