November 16, 2021

SELSD Parent/Guardian:

            This letter is to notify you that the school is transitioning away from a One Call Now Covid update format to placing Covid updates on our new website.  The new website is the same address as before,  This will have the updated information you have been receiving periodically, plus any additional information pertaining to Covid 19 from the state, the Health Department, or the CDC.  School will continue to be in session as these updates are posted.  We are approaching the time when winter weather One Calls become necessary.  This plan will allow us to keep all families informed of health related updates on the website, while making sure there is no confusion from any weather related schedule changes to the school day that will be sent through the One Call Now system.

            I would also like to take this opportunity to remind families that we are working hard to safely social distance as best we can to minimize the number of students who are considered exposures.  With regards to school exclusion, one change from last year to this year is that face masks for students decrease the radius used to measure who may need to be quarantined using the guidance from CDC and DOH.  Therefore, if the majority of students are wearing a face mask, they are helping one another by reducing their collective risk of being excluded from school due to contact tracing.

Finally, I thank our parents for working with us during these challenging times.  Our goal this year is to continue in person learning in a safe environment for our students and staff.  Your help and support in this effort is greatly appreciated.



Joseph Renzi