Mrs. Sisler Mathematics

Courses I teach this year:

College Prep Geometry

Career Prep Geometry

Career Ready Mathematics

Odysseyware Mathematics Courses

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Grading Policy:

Homework and Classwork assignments are 5 points each. Homework is given daily Monday - Thursday. I do not typically give homework on Friday or the Holidays. I do not accept late assignments or incomplete assignments. If a student is absent, school guidelines apply.

Tests are 100 points each. Retesting is not an options for students. Students are allowed to make a study sheet and use it for every test. This study sheet may also be turned in for up to 3 bonus points.

Projects are 20 to 50 points each.

Participation grade is 25 points given once a quarter.

Quarterly grades are on a point basis. Total points earned divided by total points possible is how the quarterly grade will be calculated.

We will be using Google Classroom and Focus.

My email address is

Students will need a notebook, pencil and T I 30 calculator.

Geometry class will have electronic textbooks.

Career Ready Mathematics will have a hardback textbook.

Class Rules:

Be on time.

Be prepared.

Be respectful to the teacher and classmates.

No food or drinks in class. Water is allowed in the classroom.