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“Equipped with his five senses man explores the universe and calls the adventure science”


Joseph M Leone

Physics, Chemistry, Honor's Chemistry, Biology, Honor's Biology & Physical Science

    I Retired, after 20 years of service,  from the United States Naval Nuclear Power Program in 2003 . I now live in Springs. I am a Graduate of Rockwood Area High School, Excelsior College, earning a Bachelor's of science; and Frostburg State University, earning a Master's of Arts in Teaching.  Learning continues your entire life.

      If you have any questions about any of the courses I teach or the assignments contact me at or 814-662-2741, ext. 2161


     Biology, the study of life, is a science course normally taken by all 10th grade students.  This course focuses on the eligible content of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Academic Standards for Science and Technology.  Specifically the students study organisms and cells, genetics, and evolution.  The topic of theses units include, common characteristics of life, energy flow, life cycles, cell cycles, and cellular form and function. Genetics include the study of heredity, reproduction, molecular basis of life, and biotechnology.  Evolution includes natural selection and adaptation.


  Chemistry is the study of matter. Taken, normally in the 11th grade, by students planning on attending a college or university after high school.  Taken, normally in the 11th grade, by students planning on attending a college or university after high school.  The course concentrates on the standards and eligible content of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Academic Standards for Science and Technology. Topics of study include properties and structure of matter, chemical formulas and names, balanced chemical equations, and stoichiometry.

 Chemistry II

     The chemistry II course at Salisbury-Elk Lick School District is preparing the student for a college level Chemistry 101 Course.  As an introductory course in chemistry, Chem 101 provides the student a background in the study of matter.  Advanced topics including reaction kinetics, energenics, equilibrium, and complex stoichiometry problems are a routine part of this challenging chemistry course.  This course is taken by students attending early college or planning on entering a college or university upon graduation. 

 Biology II

      This is an honor biology courses offered at Salisbury-Elk Lick School District.  This course is taken by juniors and seniors interested in pursuing a career in life science, medicine, and health care. It studies the characteristics of life systems from the molecular to the macroscopic.  It's scope is only limited by the students desire. It is a self paced opportunity for the student to study the life science content in depth. Normally taken as Anatomy and Physiology for students interested in medical pursuits after high school.Its content is beyond that required by the state

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Each of my students should have a textbook that they leave at home. We have texts here in the classroom. This saves wear and tear on the books and always ensures the student has access to a book at home. This book is for the student to use to prepare for the next day's class. Normally, I do not assign homework other than reading. There may be occations in which I will assign problems for the students to practice with. This is practice and not part of the grade for the class.

My grades are based mainly on the results of written examinations, each nine week grading period there will be 2-3 exams. These are opportunities for the student to demonstrate mastery of the topic. There are a few graded projects/labs that a student will be required to complete. A missed exam will have to be taken by a student shortly after return to the classroom. Since the grade is so dependant on a few exams, if a student does not score well on the written test, he/she may schedual an oral re-exam. This will replace the grade of the written exam and will score a maximum of 90%. This gives every student an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the material to me. This is the student's responsibily.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via one of the methods previously listed.