Jennifer Enos-Business/Computer Teacher

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Contact Information:

(814) 662-2741 ext. 2115

Courses for 2021/2022:

Typing I

Personal Finance

Office & Administrative Technologies

Accounting I/II

Computer Apps

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Grading Policy:

Assignments subject to grading include: daily lessons, quizzes, tests, assessments and projects. Grades will be computed by totals points.

Make-up work to be completed within three days of returning to “classroom,” unless extenuating circumstances.

Please email me with any make-up work questions.

Quarantined students should refer to the Online Learning Policy.

Retests are not available.

Grading Scale: 90-100 = A; 80-89 = B; 70-79 = C; 60-69 = D; 60 > F