Becky Stutzman - Health and Physical Education

Grades K-12

814-662-2741 ext. 1215

Frostburg State University Alumni

B.S. in Health & Physical Education (teacher education)

w/a concentration in Athletic Training

M.S. in Human Performance

Elementary Classes: Kindergarten Health, 1st Grade Health & PE, 2nd Grade Health & PE, 4th Grade PE, 6th Grade PE

High School Classes: 8th Grade Health & PE, 9th Grade PE, 10th Grade Health & PE, 11th/12th Grade PE

Grading Policy:

Students in K-2 earn grades O, S and U.

Students in grades 3-12 earn grades based on total points. How points are assigned are listed on each assignment. Policy on late assignments is also listed on the assignment. Retests are not allowed. Make-up tests are permitted with teacher notification.

Fitness Club Upcoming Events: November 12th "Serving Up Our Support" fundraising event for the Pups4Patriots program. Check out the link below for more information on Pups4Patriots.

For questions or to donate contact Mr. DiPasquale or Ms. Stutzman at the school.