• Superintendent Goals
    In accordance with the Pennsylvania School Code, the Salisbury-Elk Lick Board of Education must conduct a formal performance assessment of the Superintendent on an annual basis. As part of this performance assessment, the Superintendent/Board must establish measurable objectives (goals) to be achieved during the tenure of the contract.
    1. Promote the mission, vision, and shared values of our school district as designed by the comprehensive planning committee and represented in the district's Pyramid of Achievement.
    2. Continually assess, evaluate, and implement plans and upgrades for our schools and campus to maintain a safe and secure learning environment.
    3. Strive to foster a strong relationship among students, staff, parents, and community members to develop an educational community that works in partnership to promote the characteristics of loyalty to school, pride in education, and commitment to excellence.
    4. Facilitate continued development of K-12 curriculum so that it is aligned with PA state standards and designed to increase student achievement on national, state, and local assessments.