• College Algebra
    Welcome!  I intend this website to be a place to find resources and important links for class.
    Class Summary: To qualify for College Algebra, you must take a placement test.  A student who qualifies for and passes the class with a C or better will gain college credit for the class, as long as the college of their choice accepts the credits.  The class syllabus and credits come from Penn Highlands Community College, even though it is taught here at SELSD.
    Who should take this course?  This course is primarily for students who intend to attend college with a non-technical major.  Students that major in science or mathematics may not receive credit for this.  Any questions about this should be directed to our guidance counselor, Mr. Jim Henry. 
    Khan Academy: Other than the hard copy of the book, an important resource we will use is Khan Academy.  Follow the link to get to the site.
    Grades and Assignments: If you want to see your assignments, log in to the Vision system.