Chemistry II (ACM Chem 101)
         The chemistry II course at Salisbury-Elk Lick School District is part of the Early college program and is the equilivant of Allegany College of Maryland's Chemistry 101 Course.  Salisbury-Elk Lick is presently the only high school offering a college level chemistry course in Somerset County.  As an introductory course in chemistry, Chem 101 provides the student a background in the study of matter.  Advanced topics including reaction kinetics, energenics, equilibrium, and complex stoichiometry problems are a routine part of this challenging chemistry course.  This course is taken by students attending early college or planning on entering a college or university upon graduation. 
     At this time, my 12th grade chemistry students should have access to the google classroom.  If you child does not have access please email me joseph.leone@selsd.com 
         Remember to use social distancing and stay healthy.
    Mr. Leone